Within the nutritional pulp and skin, Acai berries are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals making it a near perfect energising fruit.
— www.victoriahealth.com

Eco friendly

Our acaí plantation is placed in its natural habitat and is also used as a filter for the waste water from the fish ponds. This significantly decreases the need for artificial fertilisation. 

acaí benefits

  • Heart Health

  • Resistant to Harmful Organisms

  • Aids in Weight Loss

  • Promotes Skin Health

  • Helps with Digestive Upset

  • Reduces Irritation


  • Improved Cellular Health

  • May Help Fight Cancer

  • Anti-Aging Effects

  • Energy Boost

  • Better Sex

  • Improves Mental Function





One of a kind Acaí Plantation

Our acaí plantation will be 16 hectares in phase one. We will shortly thereafter expand to roughly 25 hectares. Our plantation is built right next to an aquaculture farm. When this farm refreshes water in their ponds it is discharged in a series of drainage canals. This water is then pumped to the acaí fields as irrigation water. This allows us to produces acaí berries year round. 


One of a kind Spiecies (Euterpe Oleracea)

We us a hybrid species of acaí. This hybrid is a crossing of 3 native species which allow our palms to produce more berries year round. Furthermore our berries have a smaller core and more pulp. This allows us to achieve higher yields when producing pulp.